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Renewable energy transition now: store solar power

A PV system with a battery-storage system provides cost-effective and sustainable power generated from the sun around the clock. This frees us from dependence on fossil fuels and rising costs. Large storage power plants can now ensure electricity supply at all times of day or night. Storage systems are a fundamental part of the energy transition and SMA is developing storage solutions for every application and size. For a 100% renewable energy supply. Anywhere in the world.

This system is about storing electricity from existing or new green generation systems for when you need it at night – It has been bought in due to the absence of a decent feed in tariff on new systems. On old systems generation tariff is still applicable instead of sending power to grid you save it for night time  – a double win.

Switch to LED and SAVE up to 90% of your electricity costs

If you are unsure which bulbs you need or if you need advice please call 01437 563195

Replacing MR16 Halogens for LEDs / Do I need an LED compatible transformer?

When changing MR16 Halogen Lamps for LEDs there are three options:

1) Simply swap them over NOTE: Standard electronic transformers may cause certain types of LED bulbs to flicker, resulting in permanent long-term damage to the LED bulb itself.

This problem acn occur when a standard transformer does not provide a smooth flow of current, causing flickering problems.

2) Replace the existing transformer with an LED driver – THIS SHOULD BE PERFORMED BY A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN.

3) Remove the existing transformer and MR16 socket and replace with a GU10 Socket and then fit GU10 LED lamps –

THIS SHOULD BE PERFORMED BY A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN. We recommend option three as this has the following advantages:

i) No costs in purchasing LED driver

ii) No risk of future transformer/

Why are more and more people changing to LED lighting?

There are several reasons to replace your existing lighting with LED’s. The primary reason for most people is to SAVE MONEY on BOTH electricity and bulb replacement costs. LED lighting uses far less electricity, while producing an equivalent light output to your current lighting and in some cases you can reduce electricity costs by up to 90%, plus make savings on the cost of replacement bulbs due to the much longer lifespan of the LED’s (up to 50,000 hours).

For a fuller explanation of LED Benefits, see below. What are the complete benefits of using LED lights?

LED light bulbs have many benefits when compared to other lighting options:

● Huge reductions on your electricity bills

● Extremely energy efficient – 80% of electricity used converted to light energy – helps to save the environment!

● Much longer life-span than halogen/incandescent/fluorescent bulbs – saves cost and time of replacing bulbs

● LED lighting reduces the “carbon footprint” of your business and helps your business meet environmental and CSR goals

● Installation of LED bulbs may qualify for beneficial financial treatment under the government’s “Green Deal”

● Businesses may be able to claim tax relief on LED lighting implementation through the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme

● LEDs can provide light in many colours and you can create interactive lighting environments with LED lights

● Low temperature operation – full light output in low temperatures.

● Instant switch on with no warm up time

● Environmentally friendly – no toxic mercury content and no IR or UV emissions

● Directional light

● Life unaffected by rapid cycling

● Low profile and compact size

● Breakage and vibration resistant

● Upgrading of existing domestic fixtures possible

Voltis Home VH60 & VH60HD

Voltis Home is an intelligent single phase voltage optimiser suitable for buildings with an electrical load of up to 100Amps. The unit is designed to operate at up to 40Amps continuously with the ability to run at 60Amps for a maximum time period of 30 minutes in a 4 hour window. (100Amps in Bypass mode).

Incorporating the use of transformer technology the unit works by stepping down the mains voltage level by approximately 9% (Fixed ratio), the use of this transformer technology delivers a potential saving in KW of 18%. This is dependent on the type of load utilised on site.

Voltis Home is ideally suited for all households, with a supply of up to 100Amps. This capacity level means that all home electrical circuits are routed through the unit making the installation very simple, this is made possible by the

Voltis Home unit being installed between the Electrical Suppliers Meter and the Distribution Board. This removes the need to make costly and complicated alterations to the Distribution Board and reduces installation time.

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